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Friday, May 27, 2016
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Parent Resources


A Semi-Weekly Family e-Devotional from LifeWay Student Ministry.
Each week, parents receive two 20-minute Bible study devotionals via e-mail. These studies, authored by Dr. Richard Ross, contain solid Bible teaching presented in a warm, interactive format. In addition, the devotions are set up so that students and parents alike are involved, with each given specific things to say or do. A meaningful way to pray as a family is also included at the conclusion of each study.


Heart Connex devotionals are designed for very busy families. The head of the household can print the studies and make preparations in only about five minutes. In most cases families can complete the studies in 20 minutes.

Because of LifeWay’s strong commitment to teenagers and to families, the Heart Connex devotionals are available to families free of charge. Families simply need to enter an e-mail address in order to begin receiving the devotionals (LifeWay never shares e-mail addresses with other entities.). To sign up, go to Heart Connex

The National Study of Youth and Religion has heavily documented the fact that parents are the number one influence in the lives of teenagers. Student ministers now know for certain that parents who teach the Bible to their teenagers will make a visible, lasting difference in their spiritual transformation.