Crest Baptist Church
Monday, May 21, 2018
Connecting people with the Life that counts for eternity!

Sunday Morning

Sunday Mornings -  We have small groups for all ages, including four for adults on Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. In Winter 2017-18, adults are studying: 

God Is… —Throughout the Old Testament, God revealed different aspects of who He is and several names captured the essence of His character. These names give us a glimpse into the infinite character of our loving God, and we will discover who He is in our lives.     

Beginning April 22: Stand Up: How to Fight for Injustice—”Where is God in the midst of the injustice we see?” “How can I make a difference?” The Book of Esther gives us insight into these questions, as we see how ordinary people can take on God’s extraordinary mission. Senior Adults (Fellowship Hall) and Young Adults (Room 105) 

1, 2 Corinthians—How does Paul address a church with immoral practices, destructive and harmful worship, and confusion about spiritual gifts? Like a father, you sternly correct them. But first you remind them of who they are in Christ, and who Christ is. You call them back to the gospel and therein lies the answer to the moral, relational and theological problems any church faces.  Adults (Room 109)

The Power of God’s Names – In Scripture, God reveals Himself to us through His names. We need to learn the names of God because when we know His character and His capacity, we will find rest and discover peace and power in His covenantal care of us. Adults (Room 104)

The heartbeat of Crest is its small groups. If you only come to worship services, you are missing a big component of what it means to be involved in the life of the Body of Christ. There is a place for you!