Crest Baptist Church
Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Connecting people with the Life that counts for eternity!

Sunday Morning

Sunday Mornings -  We have small groups for all ages, including four for adults on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. In Summer 2016, adults are studying: 

Transformed: My Life in God’s Kingdom – Through the study of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, we will see that a relationship with Jesus doesn’t just transform us spiritually; it transforms every part of our lives, and gives us the power to live daily for Him. Senior Adults (Fellowship Hall)

Respectable Sins – This 8-week study is about sin, not the obvious sins of our culture, but the subtle sins of believers. While this study seeks to address the “respectable” sins, it is also a study about hope and our continued need for God’s gift of salvation through the gospel to enable us to deal with the ongoing activity of sin in our lives.  Adults (Room 4)

"A Beautiful Design: God's Unchanging Plan for Manhood and Womanhood" This video/discussion series by Pastor Matt Chandler is a 9-week series that gives evidence of God's plan for man and woman as the ultimate design. And the life within this beautiful and unchanging design is part of His greater purpose for humanity and leads to our greatest joy.

Transformed: My Life in God’s Kingdom Feeling weak? Jesus gives us the power to live for him. When we live in Him and apply his teaching to our lives, we are truly transformed and empowered.  Young Adults (Room 5)


The heartbeat of Crest is its small groups. If you only come to worship services, you are missing a big component of what it means to be involved in the life of the Body of Christ. There is a place for you!